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Task, Product and Service


Web3 Game Collectable Marketplace


I developed a game collectable marketplace that allows people to purchase game items in batches. The platform uses an ERC 1155 (Multi Token Standard) smart contract deployed on Ethereum, and I was responsible for every aspect of its creation, from UX design to front-end development (using Next.js and TypeScript) and smart contract coding (using Solidity)

Patient Episode Management App


I was the front-end developer for a patient episode management app built with React. My responsibilities included implementing the user interface based on UX requirements and working with back-end developers to integrate APIs. The application helps with episode coding and task management.

AWS User Registration


I worked as a full-stack engineer on a React single-page application for AWS user registration. My efforts focused on improving the user registration flow, preventing bot attacks, and establishing code conventions. By utilizing functional programming approaches, we were able to create a flexible, scalable, and maintainable UI through code reuse.

Customer Risk Scoring App


As a senior front-end developer at Tookitaki, a leading provider of cloud-based AML (anti-money laundering) transaction monitoring software, I played a crucial role in the development and improvement of the CRS (customer risk scoring) module. This module offers a highly effective and scalable solution for customer risk rating.

Project Management Platform


As a lead full-stack developer for ProApptivity, a project management platform built with React, TypeScript, and AWS, I played a key role in the development of the platform. My responsibilities included establishing and leading various aspects of the project, such as infrastructure, unit testing, styling, code conventions, building commonly used components, and continuous deployment.

Dementia Observation System App


I developed an Android app that integrates nursing and caregiver observations with data from a wearable device worn by dementia patients. This app is used at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute to help caregivers monitor the patients' conditions more closely.

Portfolio Website


I developed a web application written in React using the material design style. The app is bootstrapped with the AWS Amplify framework and hosted on AWS CloudFront and S3. It features a clean, visually appealing, and responsive design that is fully customizable to create an effective portfolio website.